• Frank Magliato’s Business Skills Are Very Impressive

  • Posted on January 16, 2019
  • During his long, three-decade business career, Frank Magliato has succeeded more often than not. As one could guess, his clients certainly appreciate that, which is why they usually describe him as a businessman with an impressive ability to identify the most lucrative business opportunities available and then act on them at the most opportune time and at the best terms for each individual client. Over time, Frank Magliato has gained experience with all types of equity transactions in both the public and private sectors, in areas as diverse as technology, real estate development, retail, telecom, and many others.

    Because he has experienced massive success investing in and helping to run businesses in nearly every economic sector, Frank Magliato is valued highly by clients. There are quite a few examples of the types of business areas in which Frank has worked during his career. One example is his success at founding, financing and running Digitec2000, Inc., a telecom company and another came when he did the same for another telecom, Telecorp Inc., which was enormously successful.

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